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Executive Car Detailing Services Near Charleston SC .

Are you embarrassed to give your friends a ride because your vehicle looks like it’s been through a mud run? Look no further than Executive Auto Luxury & Exotic Detailing for professional car detailing in Charleson, SC. Our team of experts knows the pain of living in a city with harsh weather conditions, such as salt air, sand, and pollen, which can damage your vehicle’s exterior and interior.

That’s why we offer top-quality auto detailing In Charleston that cleans and protects your car from further damage. Our services include a thorough wash, wax, and interior/exterior detailing. We take pride in delivering exceptional quality services to our clients, and our 5-star customer reviews speak for themselves.

Don’t let a dirty car hold you back; book your appointment today and experience the difference with Executive Auto Luxury & Exotic Detailing!

Reliable Mobile Car Detailing at Your Doorstep

Living in Charleston SC can be tough on your vehicle, with heat and humidity taking a toll on its appearance. But with our mobile detailing services, residents can keep their cars looking their best no matter what. Our team of experts will efficiently clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle, removing dirt, grime, and stains from your car’s interior and exterior.

We offer a full range of services for any vehicle, from the most basic wash and wax to a full-blown restoration. We ensure your car looks as good as new—whether it’s been in an accident or needs some TLC after years of use.

We work with all makes and models of vehicles—including classic cars, trucks, SUVs, boats detail, and motorcycles—and will travel anywhere within a 50-mile radius of our headquarters in North charleston sc. And because we use only eco-friendly products that are safe for pets and children, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting sick.

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Exterior Detailing

We offer top-class exterior detailing services, including a thorough wash, waxing, and polishing to enhance your car's paint and shine. Our detailers use high-quality products and equipment to remove dirt, grime, and debris from your car's exterior, leaving it looking brand new.

Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing services are designed to provide your car with a deep clean, removing dirt, stains, and odors from your car's seats, carpets, and floor mats. We use advanced equipment and techniques to leave your car's interior looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Ceramic Coating

Protect your car from harsh environmental elements with our ceramic coating service. The coating is designed to last for years and provides added protection for your car's paint and finish. Call us today if you want to protect it from UV rays, dirt, dust, and water.

Benefits of Regular Auto Detailing

If you’re looking to prolong the life of your car, maintain its resale value, and improve its aesthetics and comfort, then regular auto detailing is for you. Auto detailing is a great way to keep your car running strong for years to come. Detailing your car regularly can:

Keep rust at bay — Rust is one of the leading causes of car damage. When rust eats away at your car’s undercarriage, it can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle and make parts like tire rims and brake systems less effective.

Keep up with maintenance — If you’re not already making an effort to clean and detail your vehicle regularly, it’s time to start! Keeping up with this important maintenance step (which takes only 30 minutes per week) ensures that everything on your vehicle runs smoothly — including the engine and transmission.

Prevent premature aging — Keeping dirt off surfaces like windows and paintwork will prevent premature aging from exposure to UV rays.

Maintains resale value — A clean car is always more attractive to buyers than a poorly maintained one. That’s why a detailed vehicle will have a higher resale value than one that hasn’t been cleaned properly over time.

Why Our Customers ❤️ Us

Sharron Moore
Sharron Moore
Excellent, on time and professional service. Although, my request for detailing was not for a luxury or exotic car, the end results brought tears to my eyes. I’m for ever a Daddies Girl and now I’m one step closer to restoring life back into my Father’s truck! Look no further - Executive Auto Luxury and Exotic Detailing, takes great care of their customers.
Maddie Sorry
Maddie Sorry
On tune, professional behavior and great work!
Coleman Connolly
Coleman Connolly
Easy to communicate. Fast work. Very professional! Highly recommend!
Ginger Scully
Ginger Scully
Very professional and did an excellent job.
Kylon Middleton
Kylon Middleton
Maurice did an excellent job on my SUV this week! He pays meticulous attention to details and stands behind his work!
heather harris
heather harris
Highly recommend utilizing “Executive Auto Luxury & Exotic Detailing” services. Customer service is on point and they go above and beyond to make sure you’re completely satisfied. My car looks like it did the day I drove it off the lot; did an unbelievable job! This was my 1st time using and will definitely be using for any detailing needs in the future.
linda chisolm-haynes
linda chisolm-haynes
This was my first time having my vehicle detailed and let me tell you I am one happy customer and I have already made appointments to my other cars detailed. These men are very professional and their work is excellent! I plan to share with others. Thanks gentlemen for a job well done. My Lexus is looking sleek!
Lauren Trigleth
Lauren Trigleth
Maurice was fantastic! Will definitely use again. Easy to schedule, showed up on time, and provided an amazing service.
Kenidi Washington
Kenidi Washington
They did amazing with my car it looked terrible now i keep getting compliments about how it looks like a brand new car & it smells amazing ???????? the service was incredible and the customer service was top notch as well if your looking for a detailer I honestly feel like they would be the best detailers to go with !

Our TOP NOTCH Car Detailing Service

We’re the experts at offering the best auto detailing services you need to keep your car looking like new! We offer complete car detailing packages for cars, SUVs, RVs, trucks, buses, and even travel trailers!

Hand Car Wash

We offer the best quality hand car wash services that will leave your vehicle looking like new. Our auto spa uses only the best products and techniques to provide a deep clean for your car. From a simple exterior wash to a comprehensive detailing package, our team of experts will ensure that your vehicle looks its best both inside and out. We offer a range of services, including hand washing, waxing, paint correction, and interior detailing. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with a personalized experience that will keep you coming back to our auto spa time and time again.

Mercedes Hand Car wash

Frequently Asked Question

A basic detailing package can take around 2-3 hours, while more extensive packages that include paint correction, scratch removal, or deep interior cleaning can take several hours or a day to complete. The best way to determine the exact time frame for your detailing is to consult with us directly.

Auto detailing can remove surface-level scratches and scuffs, but deep scratches that penetrate the clear coat or paint layers require more extensive repair. We use a variety of techniques, such as paint correction or scratch removal, to improve the appearance of your vehicle’s paint, but complete removal of deep scratches may require repainting the affected area.

When choosing an auto detailing service provider, it’s important to consider factors such as their experience, reputation, and the quality of their services. Look for a provider with a track record of providing high-quality detailing services and who is willing to answer any questions about their processes and techniques. Additionally, ensure they are properly insured and licensed to perform detailing services in your area.

Auto detailing costs in Charleston SC, can vary depending on multiple factors, including the size and condition of the vehicle, the type of services requested, and the detailing company you choose. Generally, a basic detailing package that includes exterior and interior cleaning can range from $50 to $150, while a more comprehensive package can cost anywhere from $150 to $500 or more.

The frequency of auto detailing services will depend on several factors, including your driving habits, the environment in which you operate your vehicle, and your preferences. We recommend getting your car detailed every 6-12 months to maintain its appearance and prevent long-term damage.

While it’s possible to perform basic auto detailing tasks at home, such as washing and waxing, it’s better to trust professionals to handle the job. We have all the specialized equipment that may not be readily available to an average car owner. Additionally, attempting to perform more complex detailing tasks without the proper training and equipment can potentially cause further damage to your vehicle.

Choosing the right products for DIY auto detailing can be challenging, as different options are available on the market. It’s important to consider factors such as the type of surface you’re cleaning, the level of dirt and grime present, and the type of product you’re using (i.e., wax, polish, etc.). Look for products specifically designed for automobile use, and read reviews and product descriptions carefully.

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